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Jan 17

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Welcome to God and the Good Life!

In taking this class, you are embarking on a philosophical journey that focuses on you, your ideas, and your vision of the good life. Together, we’ll work through some of the biggest philosophical questions about how you should live your life.

Read This:

This is where daily readings (to be completed before class) will be displayed. Before our first meeting, you should read the following:

Do This:

  • Complete the GGL Entrance Survey
  • Register for SlackIf you have questions about the class at any point this semester, post them here.
  • Register for PollEverywhereIt’s a good idea to register each device you might use, to ensure that you get credit for your responses in assigned activities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the the whole course website and our section’s Canvas page (just click around a bit).

Remember, you are responsible for preparing all work in this course. This means that you need to familiarize yourself with its resources, record deadlines for assignments that are posted on (and due through) Canvas, and bring any questions you have to your instructor or your TA.

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