The Course

In God and the Good Life (GGL), you'll have the opportunity to wrestle with the big questions about how to live and what makes your life meaningful. The course tackles such issues as what justifies your beliefs, whether you should practice a religion, and what sacrifices you should make for others. Using classic philosophical texts, real-world case studies, and interactive digital tools, you'll formulate answers and explore your beliefs in both large-group debates and small intensive Sustained Dialogue groups led by our undergraduate GGL Fellows.  GGL satisfies the first philosophy requirement at Notre Dame.

Crossfit DebateDebating whether beliefs or practices make a religion

There are two sections of GGL in Fall 2018.  Section 1 meets Mon and Weds from 9:25-10:15am.  Section 2 meets Mon and Weds from 10:30am-11:20am.  Both are lead by Prof. Sullivan.  All GGL students must also enroll in a Tuesday or Wednesday night Dialogue group.  For more information about the course schedule, see the Policy & Calendar tab. Assignments in GGL are social, action-oriented, and completely project-based.  With your Dialogue group, you'll design a "campaign'" to bring the good life to Notre Dame.  On a team with 2-3 of your fellow students, you'll participate in a parliamentary debate about a controversial contemporary issue concerning the good life.  And over the entire semester, you will compose a philosophical apology -- an essay that is part reflective memoir and part rigorous defense of your philosophical views. We also invite outside guests to come debate with us.  Previous semesters have featured video-game designers Ryan and Amy Green, Washington Post editorialist Stephen Stromberg, and South Bend mayor Peter Buttigieg. This semester we're taking a deep look at the recent film First Reformed and discussing the relationship between philosophy and film.

By the end of the course, you'll have formed close intellectual friendships with your classmates, strong analytical skills, and most of all, a vision for what the good life can be.