There Is A God

Mon, Mar 20

How does religious faith (or lack thereof) figure into the good life? That's the topic of our third unit.  In this session, we will consider arguments that every rational person should believe God exists.

We have three main learning goals for this day. You will:

  1. Be able to define "natural theology" and distinguish it from other kinds of theology
  2. Understand the logical structure of Anselm and Aquinas's arguments for the existence of God
  3. Take a stand on the intellectual importance arguments for God's existence should play in the life of faith.

Read This:

Prof. Blaschko's students should read this: Interactive Essay: Natural Theology in Aquinas and Anselm

Prof. Christy's students should read and annotate this same text via Perusall.


Do This:

Prof. Blaschko's students: Read and annotate the short "Application Article" on Perusall.

Prof. Christy's students: Read the short "Application Article" on Perusall.

All students: After you've finished today's reading, make sure you complete the reading quiz, which you can access through your section's Canvas page.

Watch This: