The Life of Pleasure

Apr 23

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How much pleasure is too much pleasure? What does pleasure mean? In today’s class, we’ll explore the philosophy of Epicureanism and its founder, Epicurus. Like other hedonists, Epicureans believe that pleasure is the intrinsic good that all actions aim at. However, unlike most hedonists, they are also weary of the dangers of over-indulging one’s desires. The result is a delicate balance between cultivating virtue and satisfying one’s desires. 

By the end of this session, you will:

  1. Understand “Epicureanism” and its approach to pleasure and the good life
  2. Recognize the differences and similarities between Epicureanism and other hedonist approaches
  3. Understand Epicurus’s argument for why we shouldn’t fear death

Read This:

Primary: Epicurus’ Letter to Menoeceus: Avoid Pain

Secondary – skim this article

Do This:

There is no reading quiz for today’s text. Instead, just come to class prepared to discuss the content and engage in in-class activities based on it.

Watch This: