Wonder About God

Mon, Sep 28

How does religious faith (or lack thereof) figure into the good life?  That's the topic of our third unit.  In this session, we will consider arguments that every rational person should believe God exists.  By the end of class:

  1. You will be able to define "natural theology" and distinguish it from other kinds of theology.
  2. You will understand the logical structure of Anselm and Aquinas's arguments for the existence of God.
  3. You will take a stand on the intellectual importance arguments for God's existence should play in the life of faith

Read This:


Interactive Essay: Natural Theology in Aquinas and Anselm


The Late, Great Stephen Colbert (GQ)


Do This:

Complete these steps before you come to class

  • Consider the following prompts (you may want to write responses to these in your journal or talk about them with a friend):
    • Do you think religious faith requires evidence or proof to be rational?  Why or why not? Do we have sufficient evidence to establish the existence of God?
    • Stephen Colbert gives a defense of his religious faith in the end of the GQ article.  Is his defense an example of natural theology -- why or why not?  Do you think his reasoning is sound?
  • Optional: test yourself by taking a practice comprehension check.

Watch This: