Welcome to GGL!

Wed, Aug 28

In this session, we'll welcome you to our course and scheme for the semester ahead.  We have three learning goals for today.  By the end of our lecture class:

  1. You will understand the structure of a philosophical apology and begin brainstorming about the main project in this course: composing your own such apology.
  2. You will understand the overall learning goals for this course, including the a brief introduction to the debate, journal and dialogue assignments.
  3. You will get some practice arguing like a philosopher, so we'll have a mini-debate about whether hedonism is the best approach to the good life.

You should also take time to review the Course Policies and Assignments before we meet.  And you should familiarize yourself with the syllabus.  There will be no dialogue group meetings this week.  They start next Tues/Weds.

Read This:

1. "The Moral Bucket List" (NYTimes).  [Password is included in welcome email.]

Do This:

You'll receive your GGL journal in class today.  As an OPTIONAL assignment, read David Brook's "Moral Bucket List" article.  Draft a one page eulogy for yourself. What virtues would you want to be in it?

Watch This: