Demonstrate Your Understanding!

Mon, Nov 20

In class, you'll be given a 25 question comprehension quiz. They questions will all be drawn from (or will be extremely similar to) the comprehension quiz questions you've completed for the daily readings. This will not take the full class period, nor will it be very difficult for those who have followed the content and lectures of the course closely.

We'll cover the following topics (some of which will be review from the previous check): 

  • Question Everything (Socrates)
  • Escape Your Cave (Plato)
  • Doubt Everything (Descartes)
  • Believe Your Truth (Mill)
  • Take a Leap of Faith (James)
  • There is a God (Aquinas and Anselm)
  • Embrace the Absurd (Kierkegaard)
  • There is No God (Hume, Problem of Evil)
  • Choose Your Meaning (Jean-Paul Sartre)
  • Make Friends (Aristotle)
  • Find Meaning in Tradition (Confucius)
  • Work and the Good Life (Marx, Weber)