You Choose Your Meaning

Wed, Apr 24

Perhaps the best response to nihilism to think that meaning is something you generate for yourself -- it doesn't depend on whether you make a permanent difference to the world.  And while your choices may be under your control, part of having a meaningful life means owning the consequences of your choices.  In this class, we will talk about the basic tenets of existentialism and the view that there is no prescribed function or meaning for a human life.

Key Concepts: Subjectivity (redux), Existence Precedes Essence, Authenticity, Involvement vs Attachment, Atheist Existentialism

Read This:


Existentialism is a Humanism (Excerpts) (Jean Paul Sartre)


"Black or White?  Woman’s Story Stirs Up Furor." (NY Times)

Do This:

  1. Homework: Reading Reflection Journal.
  2. Finish Apology draft (due 4/26).

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