Write Like a Champion

Wed, Nov 13

This will be a skills-based class day.  We're going to work in small groups to build up your philosophical writing skills, with a special focus on your apology projects.  We will update with details.  We want you to be thinking specifically about the Means section of your apology and the philosophical arguments you might be able to offer for your Means.  To do this, we'd like you to read and reflect on a recent NYTimes piece about an organization with a very specific view of the good life and an entire training regimen designed to achieve it.  

Read This:

  1. The Happiness Code (NYTimes)

Do This:

Reading reflection: How would you characterize the goal of a good life recommended by CFAR?  What is one way a philosopher we have studied would argue for/against this goal?  How does one particular practice CFAR recommends support the goal?  What do you think of the approach?

Watch This: