Write Like a Champion

Wed, Apr 22

This will be a workshop to build up your philosophical writing skills, with a special focus on your apology projects. Our own GGL TAs will be taking the lead, kicking us off with a session on what (not) to do when writing your apology. Our primary learning goal is for you to leave with a clear plan for finishing/revising your rough draft. 

Our optional application reading is a really interesting example of people being driven by their GOALS to some very specific and deliberate MEANS of living the good life.  Hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing...

Read This:

  1. (OPTIONAL) The Happiness Code (NYTimes)

Do This:

This week, we want you to focus on writing. Please have your in-progress drafted apologies and notes handy for class. Also, before class, take a look at the assignment rubric. How would you score your own draft against these categories? 

Watch This: