Write Like a Champion

Mon, Sep 17

In this session, we will be working on key skills for philosophical writing, with breakout writing workshops lead by GGL TAs.  The workshops will be specially focused on helping you improve your Apology Belief Sections.  But we will also step back and reconsider what makes philosophical writing distinctive and who the audience for your writing is.

Access to the peer review form will be sent to you by your GGL Fellows.

9:25-10:15am Lecture Class: Members of the Cartesian Legion, the Millian-aires, the Neato Nietzscheans, and the So-Cray Socratics, please meet in 200 Riley Hall for the Write Like a Champion Workshop..  Every other 9:25am group should meet in the usual classroom.

10:30-11:20am Lecture Class: Members of the Fightin' Fregeans, Hume-ongous, Plato's Pirates, and the Terrible 'Totles should meet in 310 Jordan Hall.   Every other 10:30 am group should meet in the usual classroom.


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