Reason Like a Champion

Mon, Sep 18

Philosophy is defined, first and foremost, by it's commitment to rigorous, logical reasoning. This is especially important when we wonder about questions that can't be determined through observation alone. In this session, we'll further focus on the critical thinking skills and argument mapping you've been working on in ThinkerAnalytix. These skills will come up again and again as we read texts, engage in dialogues about contentious issues, and compose your Apology essay. 

Do This:

Required: During the class meeting, you will be given the first of two ThinkerAnalytix Capstone assessments, which will test the skills you've been developing in lessons 1-6 of the ThinkerAnalytix "How We Argue" course. To prepare for the Capstone, you can review lessons 1-6 on ThinkerAnalytix and practice argument mapping at

Suggested: Think about the importance of "Critical thinking" in your future life (both professionally and personally)? Why is it important to be able to argue clearly and persuasively, both verbally and in writing? What tools, if any, do you think you can take away from your engagement with "ThinkerAnalytix"?

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