Pursue a Life of Action

Wed, Apr 03

We are nearing the end of our course and it is time to turn to the final major question of GGL: what gives our life meaning?  We'll look at many different answers, but today we are considering the life of ACTION. How do we get meaning from changing the world?  To kick off the unit, watch this short video describing some philosophical puzzles for defining the meaning of your life.

Key Concepts: Civil Disobedience

Read This:


  1. Interactive Text: Letter from a Birmingham Jail (Martin Luther King Jr) 


  1. "I Could Use My Voice" (Washington Post)
  2. OPTIONAL:"The Big Uneasy" (The New Yorker)

Do This:

  1. Homework: Reading Reflection Journal
  2. Finish Religion Pre-write (due 4/5)
  3. Finish Campaign Pre-questionnaire (due 4/3)

Watch This: