Philosophy and the Good Place

Mon, Sep 16

Guest Speaker: Michael Schur

Michael Schur is a writer, producer and show-runner famous for series such as The Office (2005), Parks and Recreation (2009), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) and The Good Place (2016).  He'll be visiting GGL to talk about the hilarious side of virtue ethics, especially how it inspired characters and plots in The Good Place and Parks and Rec.  We'll debate whether television can make us better people.  By the end of class today:

  1. You will debate whether humor and moral principles are at odds.  Can a deeply moral person be funny?
  2. You will learn about the ways moral philosophy inspired script-writing and production for The Good Place.
  3. You will be able to identify and critically analyze the moral theory that underwrites the plot of the Good Place pilot.

Note ALL GGL class sessions will meet together in Washington Hall auditorium at 9:25am.  

UPDATE: We included a video from our evening panel discussion with Mike.  

Read This:

  1. The Ultimate Sitcom (NYTimes)
  2. Watch The Good Place Pilot (On Sakai-Click Panopto Tab.  Seasons 1-3 also on Netflix)

Do This:

In your GGL Journal, write a question for Michael Schur.  It can be about any subject you like, but make sure it is a question you genuinely want to know the answer to (and you think other people would want to know as well).  You may be called on to ask it!

Watch This: