Life is Meaningless

Mon, Dec 03

Maybe there is nothing you can do to make your life meaningful--meaning, whatever it is, is not something we can attain. In this class, we will consider arguments for nihilism.  We'll also consider how a nihilistic worldview might shape moral decision-making, especially the value we place on creating life.

Key Concepts: Nihilism, Anti-Natalism

Read This:


Confessions (selections) (Tolstoy)

Book of Ecclesiastes: chap 1,  chap2,  chap 3

OPTIONAL: "The Myth of Sisyphus" (Albert Camus)


"The Case for Not Being Born" (The New Yorker)

Do This:

  1. Homework: Truth or Dare
  2. Complete your Apology rough draft peer review (due 12/4).
  3. Complete your Apology rough draft self review (due 12/4).
  4. Read the instructions for the Apology final draft (due 12/10).

Watch This: