Learning to Live Well

Wed, Jan 16

You can learn to solve a differential equation.  You can learn to ride a bike.  But is happiness something that can be learned?  And if so, how?  This class section will introduce the fundamental philosophical puzzle of God and the Good Life and discuss Aristotle's answer to it.  We will also talk about the structure of our course and what to expect this semester.

These activities will help you prepare for our first class meeting.  At least one day before each class, you should work through the Read This, Watch This, and Do This sections.  Read anything not marked OPTIONAL.  Pay attention to deadlines.  You can always view complete assignment lists on the Policies & Calendar page.

Key Concepts: Virtue, Eudaimonia, the Doctrine of the Mean, Habit


Read This:


Interactive Essay: Aristotle on Learning to Live Well (Nicomachean Ethics I.7, II.1-4)

OPTIONAL: "Cheeseburger Ethics" (Aeon)


"The Moral Bucket List" (NY Times)

Do This:

We need to get you ready for GGL!  Please go through the following checklist:

  1. Review the Course Policies page. reading through the descriptions of the main assignments and the grading structure.
  2. Enter key assignment deadlines in your personal calendar.
  3. Watch this short video explaining the purpose of your Dialogue Group.
  4. By the end of the week, you should know your Dialogue Group assignment and have directions for how to submit assignments to your Wordpress account.
  5. Fill out the Philosophical Identity Inventory and submit it ASAP.  [The password to submit is in the introductory email.]



Watch This: