Creativity and the Good Life

Wed, Nov 11

Guest Speaker: Ted Chiang

We will be joined by science fiction author Ted Chiang, who will answer questions about his story "Hell is the Absence of God".  Chiang is known for writing stories that apply philosophical and theological questions to puzzles about the good life.  He's collections have won many awards, and his novella "Stories of Your Life" was adapted into the film Arrival.  

In this class period, we will be considering whether the problem of evil is purely a problem of missing knowledge about God's aims, or whether someone could know God exists but still reject religious faith.  We'll also discuss ways in which speculative fiction helps us think about philosophical problems.  And we will think about the role that moral imagination plays in developing technology.

The class will be held both live and remote, at 8am on 11/11/. Live for students in the Leighton Concert Hall (assigned seats and ND classroom social distancing protocols in place).  We will will broadcast over Zoom for students in other sections or who are unable to attend in person. Details in an email from Prof Blaschko.

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Hell is the Absence of God (Ted Chiang)


Innovation Starvation (Wired)

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