Care for Your Soul

Mon, Aug 10

In this session, we'll welcome you to our course and scheme for the semester ahead.  We have three learning goals for today.  By the end of our lecture class, you will:

  1. Understand the structure of a philosophical apology and begin brainstorming about the main project in this course: composing your own such apology.
  2. Understand the overall learning goals for this course, including a brief introduction to dialogue groups, comprehension checks, and other writing assignments.
  3. Be able to use "burnout" research as a case study to compare and contrast methods psychologists, sociologists and philosophers take to the study of happiness.

There will be no dialogue group meetings this week.  They start next week on Mon/Tues.

Read This:

This is where daily readings (to be completed before class) will be displayed. Before our first meeting:

  1. Take time to review the Course Policies and Assignments before we meet. 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus (and the whole course website). 

You should also read and think about this article: 

See you in class!!

Do This:

Complete these steps before you come to class

  • Consider the following prompt (you may want to write responses to these in your journal or talk about them with a friend):
    • Why do you think some people burn out? Is there anything that you can do to avoid burnout? (Can philosophy help with burnout?)
  • Take the GGL Starting Point Survey to get your philosophical juices really flowing...

Watch This: